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Selkie Soul Work.

Holistic Healing. Blue Health & Eco-Therapy Program.

Research & Evidence Based.

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Meet the Founder

Lexií Galbreath is a water-woman, yogi, blue health researcher, and eco-therapist who calls Newport, Oregon home. Living globally Lexií takes all her experience from time spent in the water diving, surfing, and sailing to teach others how to be safe, have fun, and heal in and out of the water. Deeply influenced by the ocean and commonly described as a rebel with a cause she uses her passions for surfing, freediving, spearfishing, nature immersion, and health & wellness to provide space for holistic healing. She is a certified Surf & SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard) Instructor & Freediver trained in trauma recovery, grief care, and ocean safety. She continues to have personal experience using nature and blue spaces to recover from a TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) and alcoholism. Wearing her heart on her sleeve she works every day to help others find their flow state, connect deeper into nature and themselves, and how to heal with natural tools such as water.

Meet the Team


Here's what you will learn when you book a session with Selkie Soul Work!

The Ocean can be an overwhelming and even at times a scary place. It absolutely demands a level of respect that anyone can learn to be comfortable with. When you book with Selkie Soul Work your safety is the number one priority! Come spend time on the beach & in the water and learn to read the environment solidifying an understanding of everything from the topography & tides to swell forecasting and what to properly bring with you to the beach on any given day.

Contact us with any questions.

Risk Assessment

Reading Currents

Trauma Recovery

Grief Care


Ocean & Beach Etiquette

Board Handling/Surf & SUP Skills

Blue Health- How Your Health is Linked to the Ocean


"I felt like I was truly able to let go of what was weighing me down and find balance in myself as well as a new found love for the ocean. A place I was always afraid of before."



You do not "heal" from trauma. You simply reconnect with that secret place inside that was never traumatized, never damaged, never unsafe and never "unhealed" in the first place.

Healing does not happen in linear time, then. Your True Self, absolute and ever-present, innocent and whole and free, is not a future destination, but a present moment reality, always.

Healing involves remembering this inner sanctuary, reconnecting with the wholeness, love, beauty, and true safety that you are

You are not broken friend...

You are unbreakable!

Jeff Foster

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